We believe crypto-blockchain technology can be used effectively to increase privacy for good people, promote liberty, and reduce fraud.



At Privacy Shell we utilize top of the line, publicly vetted encryption protocols that meet industry standards. Implementing end-to-end encryption technology, our users are confident that not even we have access to their communications. As technology and encryption advance, so do we–– giving our users the most secure route for sending private information.


shield-1086703_960_720-copygrey.pngConsidered mutually exclusive by some, Privacy Shell believes in meshing privacy and security from the start. Taking advantage of the rapid changes in blockchain technology, we at Privacy Shell create what we refer to as crypto-blockchain products. While your privacy is handled by the implementation of powerful encryption protocols, blockchain technology is added to provide a decentralized method of verification and end-point authentication.



A common misconception amongst Internet users is that technology designed to respect user’s privacy will come at the expense of user experience or overall quality. Because of this, users tend towards more mainstream products that, while not focused on privacy and security, offer exceptional user experience. At Privacy Shell, we don’t believe privacy should come at the cost of user experience. Going through rigorous rounds of interface and optimization refinements, we’re dedicated to providing quality tools that respect your rights to privacy and security.

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